I’m Monica from Michigan, but am living in Belgium with my main squeeze, Axel. My concept comes from my deeply rooted love for food, especially sweet treats. You won’t find any of that here though. I’m on a mission to create interesting meals made with real foods, with normal ingredients that anybody can get their hands on- without excessive amounts of sugar, salt, wheat, dairy, and other junk. In fact for most of 2018, I went refined sugar free.

I cook meals to fuel the body in an inspiring way that won’t leave you feeling heavy or lethargic.

Why the Whole30 Rebel name? In all honesty, I tried the Whole30 plan, but simply couldn’t give up quinoa. It’s so versatile and lovely and yummy. I’m a rebel in how I cook as well. I never stick to convention and I find it challenging to write all my recipes down which is how we end up with 5 versions of pumpkin soup or many variations of the same dish. I like to keep things spontaneous and interesting in the kitchen without compromising the quality of the food. I’m a firm believer in, “you are what you eat,” so I try to use only whole, real-food ingredients.

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