Yoga has been in my life in some form- home practice or group classes for the past 12 years, while living on 3 different continents. I went to my first class as a university student and fell in love with the positive health benefits to my mind and body. I also enjoyed the challenges it brings.

My favorite style of yoga is Vinyasa Flow. My ideal class is practiced at a quick pace, in a warm room, and with an element of encouragement from the teacher. Typically, an intention is set at the beginning of the class to help center yourself within the moment.

Back in Michigan, I attended classes at Red Lotus Yoga. This studio is amazing. The teachers integrate so many beneficial elements into the classes: music- both contemporary and styles spanning the world. They teach you the poses, but also speak kind and thought-provoking words.

I’ve been in Brussels, Belgium now for almost 3 years. In that time, I’ve tried 4 different studios: Yoga Room, Yyoga, The Yoga Loft, and Bikram Yoga Louise.